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The Friends of Sandy Bay Rivulet is an incorporated association based in the City of Hobart, Tasmania.

FoSBR Aims

The basic objects of the Friends of Sandy Bay Rivulet are to conserve, restore, improve and celebrate the cultural, social, ecological and environmental values of the Sandy Bay Rivulet and its environs by:

  1. gathering and assessing information on the ecology of the Sandy Bay Rivulet and its immediate environs, including its flora, fauna and water quality;
  2. working cooperatively with local and other tiers of government, industry, land owners and the community in the interests of the Sandy Bay Rivulet and its environs;
  3. promoting public awareness of the values of the Sandy Bay Rivulet and its environs;
  4. obtaining funds and supporting Members in obtaining funds for the above purposes through self-funding, from government program funding, community fundraising and sponsorship.

Office Bearers

     Patsy Jones, 17/57 Sandy Bay Rd, Battery Point TAS 7004 mobile 0409 950 327
Secretary and Public Officer:
     Mrs Julia Greenhill, 79 Queen Street, Sandy Bay TAS 7005 phone 6234 1516
     Miss Beth Harnett, 2/10 Wellesley St, South Hobart TAS 7004 mobile 0418 231 105

Tailed Spider Orchid
Caladenia caudata, the Tailed Spider Orchid
Julia Greenhill has found this beautiful small orchid growing in the Ridgeway Park above the Waterworks Reserve. Julia has been observing these plants for several years, and as it is a Threatened Species, the location has now been recorded in the Natural Values atlas for Tasmania.


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Membership of FoSBR is open to residents of the catchment area of the Sandy Bay Rivulet, and to other members of the public, who support the aims of the Association.


You can view a pdf copy of the FoSBR constitution here

Certificate of Incorporation

View a pdf of the FoSBR Certificate of Incorporation here

Intro  -  Aims  -  Officers  - NewslettersMembershipCertificate  -  Constitution

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